The nectar for humans – Takra/Buttermilk

butter milk

“He who uses takra/buttermilk daily does not suffer from diseases & diseases cured by takra do not recur. Just as amrita (divine nectar)is for Gods, takra is to humans”—Bhavaprakasha 6/7
Takra/buttermilk is a liquid preparation by continuously churning yogurt/curd with water. It cleanses the channels of circulation as a result of which rasa (the end product of digestion of food) reaches the tissues properly. It is less fat compared to milk and is rich in calcium, potassium and Vit B12.

Benefits of Buttermilk/Takra

  1. Good for dehydration caused due to losing fliud by vomiting, diarrhea.
  2. It helps to detoxify the body and cleanse the intestines
  3. It relieves hemorrhoids symptoms by soothing intestines in IBS
  4. It maintains health and protects the body against diseases and viruses
  5. It improves digestion
  6. It helps in weight loss
  7. Good for lack of appetite, eye health, inflammation, digestive disorder, cholesterol related problems, anemia, spleen disorders and gastro intestinal disorders.
  8. It eases constipation as well as replenish intestinal flora
  9. It keeps arteries healthy
  10. It provides instant energy and strength
  11. It improves immunity of the body thanks to lactic acid bacteria
  12. Buttermilk protects against heat strokes
  13. As it decreases heat in the body, it is good for women suffering from hot flushes
  14. Moisturizes the skin and adds elasticity and glow

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