Ayurveda Health Tips for the Body

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use & when diet is correct, medicine is not required.
1. Taking heavy meals in short duration without earlier meals properly digested, produces Ama (toxins).

2. Combination of fruit salad, milk and banana should be avoided.

3. One should not take fish along with milk because this combination is Abhishyandhi (great obstructers for channels) it vitiates blood.

4. Using yoghurt milk, fish with milk, honey with ghee (clarified butter) is some Viruddha ahara (incompetent food), if taken together, they produce a lot of toxins in our body.

5. Taking fish and cheese preparations along with alcohol, is a deadly combination and can easily lead to skin diseases, because fish with milk products like cheese are contradicted.

6. Drinking cold water after taking hot tea/ coffee is bad.

7. Consuming curd at night is not advised.


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