sms happy birthday

Happy birthday messages – birthday messages


In this special day, you celebrate another year and I have to tell you Happy Birthday to you that has an important place in my heart! Happy birthday


On the occasion of your birthday, my heart poured into bank account of your life with a check for 365 days of happiness, health and prosperity …. Happy birthday


Each year you become more beautiful. I do not know how you’re going to end!.Happy birthday, my love …  


Over time and years, nothing has equaled love … Happy Birthday my love!

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts
but the life in your years!
Happy Birthday


A man I love,
to that from which I hope to live up to the last breath,
to you, happy birthday 

a thousand flowers of colors
who are you joy and happiness …
to say Happy Birthday
from the depths of my heart.
I wish you what you expect, 
what you deserve. 
We remember with joy the anniversary 
and that the coming year is the best you’ve ever known
Happy Birthday

it may be a simple wish, 
but it is full of love. 
Good and happy birthday 
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